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Touch Bible Free

  • Category: Reference
  • Released date: 11/18/2008
  • Current Version: 2.1
  • Seller: Patrick Franklin
  • Recommended Age: 9+
  • Download Size: 17894291
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Touch Bible FREE is a free bible reader for your iPhone or iPod Touch that works without an internet connection, includes an intelligent search, an easy & innovative way to lookup passages, and more! (iTunes users, click the "More" link for details!)

✙ Note: If you are not home and need a free bible now, check out Touch Bible KJV ( Touch Bible Free has so much content that it cannot be downloaded over a cellular network due to file size. ✙

• Dial a Verse

Press the "Bible" button to open Dial a Verse! Dial a verse is like an advanced table of contents, putting version, book, chapter, & verse on one screen. "Dial a Verse," makes access to scripture fast. Perfect for church!

• Translations Built In

It has many fantastic english translations built in, including the trusted KJV and the innovative New English Translation ( includes limited study notes, you'll love them )

• More Features
■ 5 Bibles in one.
✓ KJV - King James Version
✓ NET - New English Translation
✓ WEB - World English Bible
✓ ASV - American Standard Version
✓ YLT - Young's Literal Translation
■ Keep study notes, even while you read!
■ Fast & intelligent search with partial verse preview and OT and NT restrictions.
■ Readability - spread out words, adjustable font sizes.
■ Bookmarks - Click the verse number and that verse is bookmarked for quick access later.
■ Dial-a-Verse - Touch Bible's exclusive way of looking up scripture FAST (great for church).
■ Set font sizes.
■ Switch to "Night Mode" for reading in low light situations.
■ Flick your finger across the screen to change chapters.
■ Extra web based access to more resources from Christian Revolution.
■ Shake A Verse for a surprise verse!
----Open Dial a Verse, then shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to flip through the pages of the bible. The longer you shake, the more the dialer spins!
----A very fun way to share a verse with a friend!
----There absolutely are no promises that you will find specific/desired insights, but you will be blessed to find new areas of scripture to read.

• New English Translation and Partial Study Notes

You'll love the readability and information in the New English Translation. It is a newly translated Bible version that is offered for free in Touch Bible Free, yet has incredible study notes that aren't found in most expensive translations. You'll learn so much.

• Feedback is the place to find out more about Touch Bible Free and suggest features.

Remember, Touch Bible Free is free because it offers the best public domain translation and the generosity of the New English Translation's publishers,

✙ Expanded Touch Bible ✙

The Bible is already great. Touch Bible Free makes reading it on an iPhone a very cool and useful experience. You'll love showing it to your friends and using it to witness. You'll also love the extra time you'll spend reading the Bible because of the easy access to scripture.

Touch Bible Loaded is the expanded version of Touch Bible Free. Visit for more details (or search for it in the App Store). Touch Bible has many more features, including more NET study notes, Strong's Definitions built into the KJV, view multiple versions, and more.

On a personal note, I have found myself reading scripture more often in Touch Bible than any other media. I hope Touch Bible is a blessing to you.

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