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Track & Share LITE (Universal Life Management, Journal, Todo)


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✭Track ✭Visualize ✭Act. Universal Life Management app. Track & Share lets you ➤ See your progress ➤ Understand how things are related ➤ Change your life and measure results DOWNLOAD NEW, ILLUSTRATED USER GUIDES FROM WEBSITE Become a fan on Facebook:
➤ Substantial upgrade in the works! Thanks for your patience.

LITE is the same as the full version, but limits entries you can make (12 per item). We offer the LITE version for evaluation only. Please note: entries need to be re-entered for full version. We are working on an upgrade for data transfer.

Track your MOOD, improve your HABITS, get THINGS done, manage your HEALTH, practice GRATITUDE: Visualization makes all the difference.

For Track & Share we created POWERFUL GRAPHS. And we let you define your own items while keeping ONE-TAP TRACKING simple.

The #1 Application for people who value understanding the data they track.

➤ "A superbly designed tool", MrBoolean

➤ Simplicity, Powerful Graphs = Track & Share.

What can you do with Track & Share?
✔ Reach your goals
✔ Get in shape
✔ Quit a habit
✔ Improve your grades
✔ Manage your condition better
✔ Become a happier person
✔ Just track & share how you feel & what you do

Why does it work? Track & Share lets you:
☺ Feel good about visible progress
☺ Pin down what brings you off track
☺ See what rewards work
☺ Understand what makes craving worse
☺ Keep others in the loop

How do you use Track & Share?
➊ Track anything that matters to you
➋ Just one tap to enter data
➌ Capture notes along the way
➍ Share results & notes
➎ View powerful graphs, spot trends
➏ Understand how things are related
➐ Make changes to your life and measure results

Track & Share is fast, fun, and easy to use. See website for EXAMPLES.


7 screens already set up. Track this and more:
❒ Headache, stress, weather, and remedies
❒ Happiness, sleep patterns, time with friends
❒ School grades, project completion, study time

Create your own CUSTOM ITEMS from SCORED ICON SETS. Available scales:
☺ not at all -> very much
☺ pain
☺ severity
☺ completion
☺ bad -> good
☺ grades
☺ levels
☺ weather
☺ in love
☺ low -> high
☺ light -> heavy

ICONS & NUMBERS for keeping track
☛ 60 scored icons to describe how you do
☛ Different formats for number entry

POWERFUL GRAPHS let you compare different items at a glance in vertical and horizontal view!

Graph Example
♢Excess Weight ♢Soft Drinks ♢Cravings ♢Stress ♢Workout Time ♢Workout Intensity

Look back from 6 hours to 12 months. Graphs by
☀Hours ☀Days ☀Weeks ☀Months

VISUAL STATISTICS Tap on graphed items to cycle through
∅ Averages ∆ Max ∇ Min ∑ Totals ⊥ Last

LISTS of all values and notes at a glance. Tap on graphed items to view.

Take SCREENSHOTS of your graphs and SHARE via email with whom you want.



USERS OF Track & Share LITE
LITE allows 12 entries per item. You need to re-enter those when you get the full version. We offer LITE to help you decide if this app is right for you. Please buy the full version as soon as you know that you want to keep using Track & Share.

Added a copy-item feature for easier set up of similar items.
Recent new features: multiple screens, customize scales with photos, edit labels, set goals, new chart types, instructions, and much more. Check it out! Email us, let us know how to make this app better. Download illustrated user guide from

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