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***** EUPORE: Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea, ... and CANADA chart folios are accessible now *****

iSailor is an easy-to-use navigational system developed for the amateur seafarers.
The application operates on iPhones and iPads utilizing built-in GPS.
Intended for use on boats and yachts, iSailor provides a clear presentation of navigation information and electronic charts. Transas own vector chart format TX-97 supported by iSailor is recognized worldwide as one of the most accurate and reliable sources of navigational information.
You can download your free version of iSailor software on iTunes Store.
All chart folios can be selected, purchased and downloaded through the iSailor app using the Charts Store section as per standard procedures of iTunes Store for purchasing and payment.

iSailor web site

∙ Positioning system: GPS or cell tower
∙ Visualization of charts, route and track(s)
∙ ERBL (Electronic Range and Bearing Line) functionality
∙ Information on any vector chart objects
∙ Free chart orientation
∙ Monitoring of navigational data: Position, Course and Speed
∙ Monitoring of Waypoint: Course and Distance
∙ Quick return to current ship's position
∙ Custom Track colours
∙ Day and Night chart palettes

Available Chart Folios:
∙ Australia
∙ Bermuda Islands
∙ Canada - NEW!
∙ Denmark - NEW!
∙ Egypt - NEW!
∙ Estonia - NEW!
∙ Finland - NEW!
∙ France - NEW!
∙ Germany - NEW!
∙ Greece - NEW!
∙ Italy - NEW!
∙ Ireland - NEW!
∙ Latvia - NEW!
∙ Netherlands - NEW!
∙ New Zealand
∙ Norway - NEW!
∙ Papua New Guinea
∙ Portugal - NEW!
∙ Spain - NEW!
∙ Sweden - NEW!
∙ United Kingdom
∙ USA:
Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast, Hawaiian Islands, Alaska,
Great Lakes (U.S. Waters)

New chart folios are coming soon.

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