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  • Category: Weather
  • Released date: 12/08/2009
  • Current Version: 1.00
  • Seller: Robert Walker
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 761168
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Looking for a powerful, but simple to use radar app?

U.S. NEXRAD RADAR provides current radar images for more than 150 NEXRAD radar sites throughout the United States. In addition to the basic radar “reflectivity” images (typically seen on most weather sites and TV), this app shows doppler velocity and relative motion images. These additional images are used by weather experts to detect the movement of precipitation (such as rotation) during severe weather.

Some of the features of U.S. NEXRAD RADAR include:

-Very simple and straightforward to use!
-Includes 150+ U.S. NEXRAD sites
-Uses Google maps (allows for zooming and panning of map)
-Range rings showing distance from radar site
-Base reflectivity images
-Doppler velocity images
-Doppler relative motion images
-Looping for all three image types (base, velocity and relative motion)
-Uses user location to find closest radar
-Remembers last radar site visited and automatically returns when app started
-Looping speed and radar image opacity controls

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