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Wall Street Scanner - REAL TIME STOCK ANALYSIS AND FORECAST - for investors of all levels

  • Category: Finance
  • Released date: 05/11/2011
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Seller: OnO Apps Ltd.
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 5559357
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Follow, understand and analyze the stock market in real time for FREE with the #1 stock market forecasting and management app, Wall St. Scanner.

Wall Street Scanner sources and analyzes stock market data, news and social media from over 5 million websites and 14,000 sources in real time so that you can discover investment opportunities, forecast future stock market changes and stay informed. Unlike most of financial apps, the Wall St. Scanner is optimised purely for trading stocks, providing you with the bottom line on the top 2000 listed US stocks.

•Forecast tomorrow’s stock price change based on historical, financial and crowd-sourced intelligence.
•Track your favourite stocks and market momentum
•Discover investment opportunities with the Featured Stocks list that tracks stocks with significant changes in market indicators
•Receive push notifications when there is a significant change to your favourite stocks’ indicators
•Stay informed with trending news, mood analysis, buzz magnitude and analysts’ opinion
•Quickly survey the market before, during and after the trading day
•Scan any specific stock out of the 2000+ traded stocks
•Get detailed graphs of key indicators such as stock price over time and standard ratios such as put/call ratio and short ratio.

What’s New in Version 3.0?

• Live Twitter Feeds for all the stocks in your portfolio
• Improved news feed with higher resolution and visibility
• Request to add stocks that aren’t currently featured

# Track your favorite stocks in new ways

Compile a list of your favorite stocks and easily track the related parameters and market momentum that may affect their performance, including:
•"Price over Time" - Compares the stock's real time trading price to its previous week and up to 2 years prior.
•"Trending News" - Detects and analyzes the stock news that is most likely to affect your portfolio. Sourced from over 5 million stock market news sites and social media, you can either scroll through the headlines or read the full articles.
•"Buzz" – Counts the accumulation of stock mentions in the news, social media and by analysts, comparing today’s level with the levels of the last 7 trading days.
•"Mood change" – Shows the positive/negative sentiment change for a stock based on news and social stream analysis.
•"Analyst consensus" – Presents the top analysts stock rating consensus
•“Ratios" – Displays two hard market data indicators:
o"Put/call ratio" - A ratio of the trading volume of put options to call options.
o"Short ratio" – the number of days short sellers would need to cover their entire positions if the price of a stock begins to rise.

# See tomorrow's stock market forecast!
Stay ahead of the curve with stock market forecasts based on historical, financial and statistical information. The forecast shows you the probability that a stock price will fall or rise by the end of the following trading day; (a probability of over 60% in either direction is considered significant).

#Stay on top of everything that happens, when it happens!
Want to know as soon as any change significantly impacts your stock or the market as a whole? Unlike most of financial apps, Wall St Scanner’s push notifications keep you informed on the go.

# Discover investment opportunities in real time!
Make a smart investment with stock picks and stock tips straight from Wall Street.
During each minute of the trading day, certain stocks experience significant changes in one or more of their major factors. In highlighting the stocks that experience such changes, the Featured Stocks option may represent the ideal timing and opportunity for your investment.

# Scan any specific stock out of the +2000 traded stocks!
Search for any specific stock from the NYSE and Dow Jones index and find out all the information that you need to know including stock market forecasts and stock news.

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