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Weight Loss Stimulator 3D


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Note: Because of the big changes in this update, you may be unable to access the app after the update. Please delete it and re-install the app. Then it will be OK.

You will not be charged again with the same account.

Wish to stay motivated during your weight loss journey? We’ve got the right tool for you!

Weight Loss Stimulator 3D allows you to pick your virtual model, set up your goal weight, and visually see the changes on a daily basis.

•Visualize your daily weight, goal weight, and heaviest weight in 3D
•Three great-looking models to choose from
•Pick your favorite hair color
•Pick your favorite dress/color
•Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator and weight evaluation
•Ideal weight recommendation
•Daily weight log to track your progress

Please note this version is designed for women only. Men’s version is coming soon.

Important user instructions:
You will need to enter your height for our app to accurately calculate your BMI, and choose the correct model figure for you.

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