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  • Category: Travel
  • Released date: 10/02/2009
  • Current Version: 6.09.5
  • Seller: Dr. Stephan Gillmeier
  • Recommended Age: 9+
  • Download Size: 4784294
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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Wikihood for iPhone and iPod Touch!

!!! Wikihood has been awarded as Germany's best iPhone App 2010 !!!

What our customers say about us:
- "You can't get more! I have been living here for 40 years and I did not know all this information. Simply great, thanks!"
- "This app is the greatest I have loaded onto my iPhone!"
- "You are somewhere, start the app and immediately know everything about your location. Marvelous!!"
- "This app is crazy!! Tools like this make the iPhone valuable! It's some kind of augmented reality!"

And thats what the press says about us:
- MACWORLD: "Wikihood turns every trip into an educational journey..."
- PC MAGAZINE: "Wikihood should not be lacking on any iPhone!"
- CHIP ONLINE: "Conclusion: Wikihood is an interessting app for the iPhone, which supersedes many travel guides."
- IPHONE MAGAZINE: "Expensive travel guides and the like are no longer needed."
- IPHONE BLOG: "... who needs a boring travel guide any longer?"

What are the most important sights to see around me?
What do others find interesting here?
Is there a museum, a castle, a parc or church nearby?
What persons are related to this place?
Did a historic battle happen at this place?

Wikihood knows the answers to questions like these.

Wikihood is organizing the information of the Wikipedia for any place in the world.
Within a few clicks you not only get access to all the locations around you, but also the vast information related to these locations categorized by "persons" und "culture/buildings".

At a glance you see:
- which locations are closest to you
- what are the most important locations around you
- what do others find interesting in the proximity (15.000+ ratings)
- how do I get to a location using the map

Wikihood is available with an offline mode.
You can buy (very cheap) more than 560.000 offline packages, which you can compose as you wish.

You choose a location and we create your package individually – world-wide!

Travel guides are no longer needed with Wikihood as your companion.

Without the need for an internet connection, Wikihood is ideal for:
- iPod Touch
- iPhone in a foreign country with expensive data roaming
- iPhone in regions with bad coverage

Offline packages include all the information of Wikihood around a selected location (incl. pictures).
Depending on the density of the data and the package size the covered area can be of 10-200km radius.
... AND:
- offline packages are bought ONCE, all future package updates are FREE!
- offline packages can be deleted and restored for free

Coverage Wikihood packages:
M: 2.000 articles
L: 5.000 articles
XL: 10.000 articles

The coverage can also be checked within a map.

By the way, Wikihood has a bigger brother - Wikihood PLUS:
Wikihood Plus offers everything you like from Wikihood PLUS:
- 2 extra categories "economy" and "geography" with over 100.000 articles plus
- search functionality for Wikipedia within Wikihood
- free download of 5 offline packages

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