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  • Category: Weather
  • Released date: 11/03/2009
  • Current Version: 1.2
  • Seller: Atlanta Weather
  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Download Size: 4510832
  • Last Update: 07/22/2011
  • Requirements: All

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ALL 150+ U.S. NEXRAD radar sites! Plus Regional and National Radar Mosaics!

*** NEW! ***
- "Google Maps" based mode!
- Retains "Classic" mode option for users who prefer the original maps.
- "Clutter Reduction" option.
- New UI selection toggle view for iPhone/iPod that includes a completely redone radar legend and allow quick access to radar types.

✓ Intuitive User Interface:
- No Clunky Controls or "Clutter"
- Zoom/Scroll
- Radar Animation (Classic or Express Mode)

✓ Access to All 150+ U.S. Radars via:
- Current Location ("Locate Me")
- Search By Zip Code, City, Airport Code, or PID
- Pick from a List Grouped by State

✓ Includes Regional and National Radar Mosaics

✓ Favorites:
- Add any Combination of Maps to Your Favorites!
- wxRadar Remembers Last Map Viewed Between Uses

✓ Displays Warning Polygons in "Classic" mode for:
- Tornado Warnings
- Severe Thunderstorm Warnings
- Flash Flood Warnings
- Special Marine Warnings

✓ Three Different Graphics/Feed Modes:
- Google Maps with radar overlay
- Classic with non-scaling topography
- Express for faster access (or use as a Backup Feed)

✓ Choose Your Experience Level:
- Basic: Hides the Weather "Geekery"
- Advanced: Shows Access to All Radar Types

✓ Includes Access to the Following Radar Types:
- N0R: Base Reflectivity
- NCR: Composite Reflectivity
- N0V: Base Velocity
- N0S: Storm Relative Motion
- N1P: One Hour Storm Totals
- NTP: Storm Total
- NVL: Vertically Integrated Liquid (iPad Only)
- NET: Echo Tops (iPad Only)

✓ Additional Useful Features:
- "Clutter reduction" option
- Always Starts with Last Radar Location Viewed
- Lists Open with the Last List Viewed
- Caches Data for Faster Loading
- Automatically Switches to Backup "Mirror" Feeds
- Tap & Hold to Quickly Access Adjacent Radars (Classic or Express Mode)

✓ "Out of the way" Mode - Tap the time stamp to toggle on/off graphics on top of the radar data for unobstructed view of radar echoes in "Classic" mode. Toggles radar opacity ("dims") in "Google Maps" mode.

✓ All Questions/Support Requests Answered Quickly (usually within 24 hours or less). Thank you for all the kind words and suggestions. Please keep them coming!

===== FAQ =====

- Q: How do I access "Storm Relative Motion"? I only see three radar types.
- A: Go to settings, advanced, and turn on "Advanced User".

- Q: How do you animate the radar in "Google Maps" mode?
- A: Radar Animation is currently not supported in "Google Maps" mode. However, this feature is coming soon!

- Q: How do I show warning polygons in "Google Maps" mode?
- A: Warning polygons are not currently supported in "Google Maps" mode. However, this feature is coming soon!

- Q: I have selected "Google Maps", but National map (or regional map) isn't displayed on "Google Maps"?
- A: Regional maps are not currently supported in "Google Maps" mode. However, this feature is planned for a future release.

- Q: How do I select another radar in "Google Maps" mode? I don't see any others on the map.
- A: Use "locate", search, or choose from the radar lists. However, selecting radars from the map itself is coming soon!

- Q: It's snowing (or light rain), but nothing is showing on the radar?
- A: Turn off "Clutter Reduction" in settings.

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